3rd Time Lucky

* i had a good thing going here then i lost the post!

** Note to self remeber to connect internet before publishing

Back to where i was…….

I used to blog, I tried it a few times, but I usually got bored or something came along and “screwed” it up, EG:I tried the single abandoned mom blog and then I met my husband and THEN I tried the newly wed blog, but the first year wasnt ans “picture perfect” as I thought and gave it up for a bad joke, simply because I was too polite to blog about it.

So now I am trying the me angle. I was always so pedantic about blogging content ( whatever that may be) that i was over thinking my blog posts and making them so freaking boring, that even I got bored with the whole idea. So yes you will no see numerous photos of my personal zoo, you will hear about what i did on my very lazy sunday morning and i will talk endlessy about my life.

Why? because that is me, my kids, my husband and the wonderful people in my life make me, well me. And i actually like me! And frankly I think thats is quite interesting. I might even write a book one all about me!

But….i promise not to be too boring, and i might even attempt an interesting post about poo nappies vs sleep training or something equally crappy and not boring.

but i ask only two things, leave a comment becasue it will make me look less borinh on the www and read my about page, by doing that you will understand why my grammar sucks on such a grand scale.

Sweet dreams, cheers, adios, chow or whatever the approriate sign off is….



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