Bits and Bobs

One week in and I am already a bad blogger, but let me update you on my mundane life and indulged myself in getting another post up.

Mostly last week was “taken” up by sleep training. My baby daughter has somehow gotten it into her head the not sleep during the day is awesome. I think it pretty much sucks, because 1) I have no IDEA how to entertain a 8-11 week old baby and 2) Mama needs a break!

So with alot of screaming, wild kicking and “tantrums”, baby girl EVENTUALLY figured out that a 10 am nap for 2 hours doesnt suck so bad.I had a good day Wednesday to Friday, but I guess I will be able to claim victory by the end of next week , after I have maintained a steady routine her. Trust me , she is a sneaky one, and with one coo and a bat of an eyelid, she can easily claim victory over me!

I am also having big issues with leaky Pampers, almost every night my baby wakes up damp, I am now trying out a few other brands (tg for sample packs) to see how they work. Baby girl has also had a nappy rash that seems to flare every now and then, i am yet to find a cream that will treat it and heal it completely, any suggestions?

In other news i have had an all round good weekend, went to watch rugby at Loftus and took Josh along for the first time, his face was priceless when he walked into the stadium, but by half time he was so bored and annoying that I could have sold him for a bag of biltong. We also had his last soccer tournament for the season, which meansno  more running around like headless chickens twice a week.  Although I will say soccer has been one of the best things to happen for him and i will miss his enthusiasm, but thats another blog post alone.

I will finish off with things I learnt this week:

– Sleep training is hard, for both your mind and soul

– I love being home with baby girl, but I am really starting to miss work

– A piece of cake always taste better when you having it with a friend

– My husband is an annoying shit, but i love him vely vely much

– My dog is the dumbest creature i have ever known or possibly will know

– My bf is a very brave chick – she write exams with a newborn

– I am very very excited to meet Ollie

– I love love love watching rugby

-I hate hate hate watching soccer, would rather hammer nails in my head.

I hope you had a great weekened , and that a better week is heading for you!

Cheers, bye, chow, totsiens or whatever the appropriate sign off is……








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