Yesterday I did a whole blog post on how badly it sucks to be back at work after maternity leave! I was exceptionally proud that I had actually done another post!

And then, just like my blackberry connection it dissappeared! There was an absolute failure to communicate in my life yesterday. and it sucked. MASSIVE.SWEATY.HAIRY.OLD.WRINKLED.DIRTY.DONKEY.BALLS!

Which, FYI, was the name of said VANISHING blog post and FYI again, I did press publish and I viewed it on my site.

So anyway, about my day yesterday! Crap it was hard. It was a whole load harder, emotionally, than I expected. But it did go quicker than I thought and my MIL managed alot better than I thought, and my child still regconised me when I got home. BUT MAN IT WAS CRAP HARD and it sucked so so bad. I wasnt ready to leave her yet.

However this morning was easier and such is life.

Work is great, its a whole lot better since my promotion ( so far) but that is for another time ( actually meant for today – stupid vanishing post)

And I am dying to tell you about Oli, but its not my place to ,so if his mother doesnt do it soon, I may be forced to.

Well et me toodle off and go waste some more time looking and dreaming about the iPhone online *sigh*

Bonjoir, bye, totsien,haba whatever….or whatever the appropriate sign of is



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