Sickie Poos

Sorry for the silence ( becoming a bitof a habit)

I have been working on Waiting For Tori blog, but it gets a bit heavy so, i have taken a break from it> my last blog post is still sitting in my heart, I think mainly, because its the first time i have actually put it down in writting.

Miscarriage is hectic, and one cannot realate unless you have experienced it yourself. Its a very private loss, that only you and your partner can mourn.

Anyway, I had a week for hell, starting last wee Tuesday evening, when Tori would not settle or sleep! Besides being exhausted on wednesday, I was also a bit stressed. Joshua had strated being a bit fluish on Sunday, but with him being onlder and me having more experience with his body, I am usually able to “fix” him with the standard allergex, cough mixture and nose spray but he also just didnt seem to be able to shake it.

So Wednesday morning I bundled both into the car, Tori looking worse for wear and Josh pretty perky, and made my way to the GP. By the time i had gotten there ( 2minutes literally) the roles had swapped, Tori all perky and Josh barely able to stand.

In the waiting room Joshua started screaming in pain, I was pretty fraxzled and the doctor took us through immediately. With every little prod and poke on my poor child’s belly he would let out an agonising groan. I was given a free pass,do not stop and collect ticket to the hospital. To say I was freaking out is an under statement.

I managed to get Tori collected, Philip to leave work ( he was in Roodeport for the day)and I hightailed it to the hospital with my child bundled in the back seat. I did the whole hazards and get the hell out of the way thing.

At the hospital he was seen by the general surgeon and admitted for the night, he had to endure, blood tests, cathaters and having a drip inserted 3 times! He was still in terrible pain and the fact they couldnt get a cathater in was worring the nursing staff, the surgeon and just plain freaking Philip and I out. The nurses took mercy and letthe child be and we prayed for hime to wee.

and wee he did, then miraclously his pain, was gone! So the surgoen ruled oyut appendix and went start for a referral to a urologist.

Again the uroglogist was worried about the fact we couldnt get a cathater in and sheculed the poor child for a scope! which he handled like a champ – even though he thinks he swallowed the camera! after all that nothing was found, it turns out he had a bladder infection.

Amongst all of this I had a 5 month old with terrible flu and Philip and I were running on the bare minimum sleep. And by Sunday to say we were pooped is sugar coating it.

Besides all of this, and regardless of the fact, that my kid was prodded and poked in what seems very unnecesary procedures. I would do it again. There was no way of telling what was going on in his body and I am just utterly grateful that I am one of the fortunate ones that can afford a decent medical aid and that my child can get the best medical care out there.

My bunnies are now, thankfully, back to normal and my household has resumed normal functions.

That was my week of last, how was yours?

Cheers, adios, bye or whatever the appropriates sign off is…….



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