Things I love…….

I am stuck in a blogging rut, I always want to be deep and meaningful and thats just so tedious. So I am doing a list of things I LOVE (besides my kids)

1. The colour pink
2. Caramelo bears
3. Disney channel – I love Disney movies and will watch this channel under the pretense that I was too lazy to change it after the kids left
4. My NEW pocket coil bed – this is mine, no other woman has slept in it but me (long story)
5. Pretty woman, Notting Hill, Titanic and August Rush
6. Reading…I just dont have the time at the moment.
7. Scrap booking …see above
8. Photos – I would love to do a photgraphy course, but that will come in time
9. Pickled onion and peanut butter sandwiches – together – its like an explosion of fantastic in your mouth
10.Long hot baths…ones where NO-ONE comes looking for me….throw in a book and I am in heaven!
11. Stationary-I can stroll in a stationary store for hours!
12. Hardware stores – Builders Warehouse holds my interest more than truworths or any other store does ( besides a stationary store).
13. Grave yards – there is a certain peace in a grave yard. I love strolling through it reading all the head stones, it makes you reflect a bit.
14. The British Monarchy – I am boarderline obsessed with the royal family
15. Sally William Macadamia nougat – my nearest and dearest know that, that is my favourite and I will chew your arm off for it, I am also hesitant to share it with you, I do to be polite, but inside i die a bit.

What are your favourites?




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