Golden Oldies

Some days I feel 29 going on 89 and other days I sit back and think, OMG I am THREE OH, next year!

Like I told my brother on my birthday, we are all kind of screwed when the youngest is in their 30’s. This in turn made him grumpy- old fart!

Maybe its just me, but it has taken FOREVER for the reality, that I am actually an adult, to dawn on me. Is it because I am the youngest? Or is it because my family has had a hard time letting go of me?

Recently, I have noticed a trend of everything retro, we are living in a very nostalgic time and everyone seems to be trying to either hold on to their youth, relive their youth or see their childhood in their children. Now to me retro is the 60’s, flower power, Cycladic and all that groovy jazz, but I have noticed that the retro trend is actually the 80’s and the crappy fashion and dodgy hairdos!

There is nothing like watching Smurfs in 3D with your kid and explaining the history of where these little blue fellas originated from, because, you used to watch it! Or watching reruns of MacGyver on TV and remembering CLEARLY how fantastic he was….trust me it’s pretty disappointing now that I have an HD TV.

Or how about Nintendo and Donkey Kong and the Mario bros? Or better yet neon colour tights and mesh gloves? High tops and of the shoulder sweats? MICKEY MOUSE t-shirts…for adults!
It is these things that are making me say, back in my day or when I was little, and it is this that is making me feel so damn old and grown up!

About time, no? NO!

P.S Its just a pity that the retro doesn’t extend to playing cricket matches in the street until the street lights came on, or jumping on your bmx and cruising around the neighbourhood all day long.