I am a mom to 3 little people and a wife to one big person ( he is a chef btw). I have attempted this “blogging” thing on numerous occasions and gave up when I either tries to be too “deep” or just realised my only readership was that of my bestie and my husband ( which I might add, aint a good idea when you are trying to be deep).

I always envisioned that I would conquer the world and bring peace and hope to all AND thats when I realised I live for collaboarted chaos. You see, drama is me…ie. if I see a house snake, I will tell you it was an anaconda that tried to attack me , but dont worry, I fought it off with the baby’s dummy!  

My personal zoo consists of my son Joshua, he is 7 and started “beeg” school this year, he is an avid soccer player and one day dreams of being a tap dancer ( for real!). Then there is Cailtin, she is my step-daughter, and she lives in George with her mom. She is 8 going on 18 and loves to play hockey and dressing up as Selena Gomez,she also secretly wishes she will marry Jusitn Beiber one day.( heaven help me). Last of the little people is my baby daughter Tori, she is a blog post on her own!

I met my husband on an internet dating site and married him a year later, he makes me old, but I am kinda fond of him. We have been Collaborating married chaos for the last 4 years.  Added to this mix is my monster in law, she lives in a little cottage behind my house, well I can actually talk to her from my kitchen door!

Lastly, the biggest contributor to my chaos is work, I wont elaborate on where, but I have a lovely love/hate relationship with the place.

I have many wonderful ( and aweful) people in my life, but as I (try) go on , I am sure you will get to know all the characters in my Collaborated Chaos.

P.S I live on my bb, so pls excuse the bbm typing style 🙂


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